Making Happy Flowers with Fused Glass

Want some ideas on how to make some different fused glass flowers? Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Using frit you can create flower shapes such as lavender or foxgloves

  2. You can make a wide variety of daisy type flowers with a mix of glass such as stringers, or small triangles, or other small petal shapes with a centre made from fine frit or even chunky pieces.

  3. Small triangles can also be used to create flowers which droop or flowers that look upwards

  4. Confetti glass is also very versatile. If can be used in small pieces to create a fantastic array of different flower shapes from tulips to daisies and more. Just remember, confetti glass will shrink slightly when it goes into the kiln.

The best way to create the shapes is simply to experiment. To give you a few ideas, take a look at the picture.

Have fun creating your Happy Flowers!

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