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How to hang your suncatcher!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

You have purchased or received a suncatcher as a gift, or even made your own using a fused glass kit, and now you need to decide where to hang it. This is a quick reminder of the things you need to consider before you hang your suncatcher to avoid it crashing to the floor!

1. Choose your window with care. The sunniest window does not always give the best effect!

2. The weight of your suncatcher will affect whether you need to use ribbon, wire or a chain.

3. Choose your cord with care.

For small pieces, a ribbon or cord is perfectly adequate.

For heavier pieces a chain or wire is better. This piece is hanging outside, so wire holds it in place and avoids it crashing about in the wind,

4. Wherever possible try and hang your suncatcher from a hook in the wall, ceiling or the frame of a window. This will give better hold than other methods.

5. If you are using a suction cup hook:

o Make sure the hook is big enough for the weight of the piece you are hanging. If in doubt use a larger one or if possible, use two.

o Make sure the surface you are hanging it on is flat and clean before applying (bathroom windows are often rippled!)

o Use a little washing up liquid on your finger and apply it to the back of the suction cup. It creates a better seal.

o Press the suction cup in the centre to ensure you have removed all the air possible between the cup and the window

o If possible, wait 24 hours and check that it is still holding OK

o Hang your suncatcher from the hook on the suction cup and check again. I usually put a duster or something similar underneath for the first 24 hours so if it does come adrift it will have a soft landing

o Check on the suction cup regularly and reapply if necessary. All suction hooks will eventually get weaker and may pop off the window. A hook on a very sunny window may have a shorter life span than a cooler one. It is worth renewing them from time to time. They can be found online.

A suncatcher can bring a ray or two of light into your house and should give you pleasure for many years!

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